If the ball is incorrectly served, but the server has not violated any part of these rules, the ball is considered in play. In particular, the player may not reach into the play area to re serve the ball see 16. Subsequent Serves If the ball is declared dead between the goal and two man rods, it shall be put back into play by placing the ball in the corner nearest the spot of the dead ball and releasing it into play from rest. The goalie must have the assurance that the opposing team is ready for play to continue before putting the ball back into play in this manner see 2. 6. Furthermore, the goalie must then move the ball from one player figure to another one and then stop the ball for a full second before the motion of a shot or pass may begin. the movement. This was backed up research from Sport Scotland10. which showed a change in fish behavior whenThese studies show that in order to accurately identify the speedboats passed nearby. 20048 showed that on a number of fish species also identified potential impactsthe presence of bottlenose dolphins was unrelated to the on Atlantic salmon arising from boat wash and boatnumber of boats present. A study conducted in to be a serious problem. even when boats were not directly approaching watercraft and water skiing occurred in small lakes on athe animals.

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Focus on hitting the head ball—the one that will be closest to you.