The influence of Google in Internet use as information source is evident in the fact that by June 2010, it accounted for more than 70% of total Internet searches in America. In addition to its success and profitability in the global market, Google is renowned as a highly ethical company as demonstrated in its corporate philosophy features. However, the firm's behavior during the launch of its China based search engine in 2006 generated huge skepticism from the United States government and several human rights organizations Baker and Tang, p. 2. Since the launch of Google's Chinese search engine, the company complied with China's censorship regulations by deciding to filter out terms that are considered politically sensitive. This decision attracted criticism from political leaders and human rights…… I. 321BCES 0064212. 873BLJS 102912. 651BLJM 611230. 34BLES 011164. 43BLES 011682. 831BLES 009731.

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